Retirement, Relocating, and Residency, Living in Costa Rica

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Welcome, if you are interested in Moving to Costa Rica, and have questions about it, we can help you; We are a full service law firm located in San José, Costa Rica.   Retirement and Living in Costa Rica can be your reality and we can help. We specialize in expats looking to live or retire in Costa Rica. Take the first step and discover how easy it is to find paradise.

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But we can also help you Relocating to Costa Rica, with housing, investing, working and many more law topics in Costa Rica. Our mission is to be the only site you will need to visit for everything you need to start living in Costa Rica. We have an easy 3 step system, we fully automated contact and follow up systems.

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  1. THE “CAJA DEL SEGURO SOCIAL”, has rectified in their policies, and now is allowing the inscription of Family plans for new residents, as it was until November 2014, now you can enroll in the Caja Family plan and your wife and children will be covered under you.
  2. Many of you new to LIVING IN COSTA RICA,  or that just recently MOVED TO COSTA RICA, need to know that before the 30th of September everyone with an obligation to declare income tax, has to make the declaration of business statement, this statement details the corporations and clients you have done business s with during this past fiscal year, and allows them to determine if either you or the counterpart in this case effectively declares whatever income or benefits were generated from that commercial activity between you.  Please declare all your business and have the peace of mind that you will not be penalized for not disclosing this information to the tax authorities.
  3. For our clients that have their change of status approved, the immigration office is applying a new policy, if your previous cedula is still valid and has more than 1 month validity, you will have to wait for that old card to expire or be near expiration ( 1 month) to get the new status Dimex Card.
  4. If you are MOVING TO COSTA RICA, and plan to submit a residency application remember that even though the submittal of your application allows you to overstay your visa and stay here waiting for the final approval resolutions of such application, your driver’s license will not be valid after the stamp in your passport expires.


What’s the next step? You can read the basic requirements and basic information on living in Costa Rica here; you can also contact us right now and take the first step for living in paradise; or even better we can help you start your residency process right now!  Don’t Wait Anymore.

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Our company main mission is to provide you with everything you need to live, invest or Retire in Costa Rica. Our office is conveniently located in San José (Costa Rica’s capital), and we have more than 15 years’ experience in handling residencies for expats.

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During the years we have counsel and settle more than 3000 expats, we specialize in this area of practice Residency in Costa Rica, Moving to Costa Rica, Retiring in Costa Rica, Relocating here are our areas of expertise.

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Costa Rica is a secure investment destination if you understand it correctly or have the proper guide, as our client we will guide you safely thru the countries legal system and procedures so you can get from Costa Rica real profit and safe opportunities.


Official attorneys for

Asociacion de residentes de Costa Rica // Residents Association of Costa Rica


Since 1999

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Litigating and practicing since 1996; specializing in corporate, commercial, and business law.

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Contact Us

  • US Phone: (347) 635-7965
  • In Costa Rica
  • (506) 4052-4055
  • Fax: (506) 2220-0014

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][vc_column width=”1/3″][vc_column_text]Luis Guillermo Marin Bonilla

Specializing in immigration and naturalization procedures.

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You can contact us in our office in California, USA


The Law Office of Estefan M. Encarnacion

10601 Civic Center Drive #100
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

  • Español: 909-581-9342
  • Fax: 909-581-4352

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Also our affiliated law firm in costa rica south pacific

(+506) 2743 – 8619

Uvita, Osa, Puntarenas

The Dome building, second floor,
Offices 14 & 15

  • Phone: (+506) 2743 – 8416
  • Fax: (+506) 2743 – 8417

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But it gets better; because we know this world is every day moving faster our webpage offers you a way to keep track of your residency status.

Contact us and get all the information you need.